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South Africa, Third World when it comes to Broadband

July 13, 2007

According to, South Africa is well behind in the broadband race when it comes to average download speeds. The site allows users to test their connection speeds which it then records and compares with results from across the globe.

The “who’s who” when it comes to broadband is as follows:

  1st – Japan – 9982 Kbps average downlink speed

  2nd – Sweden – 7304 Kbps

  3rd – Latvia – 6251 Kbps

  8th – United States – 4695 Kbps

South Africa is even well behind other African countries. Renuion ranks in tops with an average download speed of 1268 Kbps followed by Morocco with 1126 Kbps. South Africa comes in fourth with an average of 623 Kbps.

Link to article


Telkom does Broadband

April 24, 2007

Telkom has just launched their new Do Broadband portal. The offering is to introduce the ability to get your broadband access from one supplier rather than Telkom and an ISP.

The site currently lists 3 levels:

  • Level 1: R279 pm
    1 Gig @ 384kbps
  • Level 2: R364 pm
    2 Gig @ 384kbps
  • Level 3: R675 pm
    3 Gig @ 4Mbps

I think I know now why our ISPs are concerned about this. Other than pay-as-you-go ADSL, I’m not sure why you would opt to use an ISP.

From a article

The Do Portal will give customers access to a variety of Internet based value added services such as the ability to download the latest music tracks, viewing movie previews, booking tickets online and even going on a virtual game drive by accessing WildEarth on the Do Portal.

The Portal will give customers access to Encyclopaedia Britannica, Entertainment Africa, Webmail and access to the most comprehensive and popular gaming service in South Africa.

Update: has posted an article on how the new Telkom offering compares with other local offerings. They list a Cost/GB/Mbps breakdown for all local services. Seems like the new Level 3 plan from Telkom is the most cost effective. Link


December 1, 2006

After being a Vodacom 3G user for the last 18 months or so, I’ve finally converted to ADSL. Our brand new line was installed today after only three weeks. The service I’ve received from Telkom has been actually pretty good with frequent calls and status updates. I’ve signed up for a prepaid account with WebAfrica and purchased a Netgear wireless router. After a little help from the guys at work, I’m up and running. So far so good! The speed is ok, connection seems reliable and being able to quickly connect from anywhere in the house is awesome!

Vodacom’s 3G not as fast as advertised

May 1, 2006

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint that a Vodacom TV commercial for 3G services is misleading, as it does not deliver on its promise of super-fast speeds, regardless of the user’s location.The commercial was broadcast on DSTV channel 52 on 1 March. The ASA ruled the commercial did not clarify that, while Vodacom’s 3G service is fast, the backup GPRS service is not.The commercial claimed the Vodafone mobile connect card connects the user to the Vodacom network at super-fast speeds – no more fixed-lines and no slow downloads. It also offered instant high-speed access, regardless of location.Read the rest of the ITWeb Article

Vodacom 3G now with HSDPA

March 1, 2006

Being a Vodacom 3G customer, I was interested to read today on Itweb that they launching a new service called 3G HSDPA on the 2nd April. “3G HSDPA delivers performance comparable to today’s ADSL and wireless LAN services, but with the added benefit of mobility. It is 3G on steroids!” says Pieter Uys, Vodacom’s CEO.”Through our strategic alliance with Vodafone, the world’s largest cellular operator, we are able to offer customers access to our 3G HSDPA network with the exclusive use of a Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G Broadband card. With this card you can browse the internet and download e-mails at superior data speeds, send and receive SMS messages, as well as chat online using existing instant messaging services such as MSN, or access your company network. The Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G broadband card with HSPDA can also be used on any of the Vodafone 3G broadband networks worldwide where roaming agreements are in place,” says Uys.Link