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iPhone’s Core Rotten in South Africa

November 8, 2007

According to RJ van Spaandonk, chief executive of the Core group, Apple’s head office in the US decided not to distribute the iPhone in South Africa.

If a South African wants to import the gadget, the user would have to bypass the official network, but Apple already warned that unblocking the phone illegally would cause irreparable damage to the iPhone’s software.

iPhone Looks like you have to break the law, immigrate or settle for an iMate or a HTC alternative if you want an iPhone.

This is despite demand for Apple’s products growing significantly in South Africa with a growth rate of 47% in sales last year.

Link to FIN24 Article


Opera Mini 4 beta now available

June 19, 2007


Opera Software today released Opera Mini 4 beta, codenamed Dimension, the much-awaited sneak preview of the newest version of Opera’s pioneering Web browser for all mobile phones. Opera Mini 4 beta is a complete redesign of the world’s most popular mobile Web browser. The new overview mode empowers people to browse their favorite Web sites, just like they do on their PC. Opera Mini 4 beta is available free from

Opera Mini 4 beta also features a new zoom, based on the original Opera feature introduced for Nintendo Wii. When zooming, Opera Mini dives into the page and then snaps to the content so scrolling is smooth while accessing the desired content immediately. Like all Opera products, Opera Mini 4 beta is built for speed. It is more than twice as fast as any other mobile browser.


The application often hangs on my iMate k-Jam. I’ve also noticed that once it hangs, my phone stops receiving calls. The only solution is to perform a hard reboot.



Mobile Web

June 8, 2007

I’m the once proud owner of an iMate K-Jam and when not at a computer, I like to check up on my Gmail, news etc. The iMate offers a pretty good way of doing this. However, the latest iPhone TV Ad from Apple really made me drool. If true, the iPhone will change the way we access the mobile web. My current list of a few mobile compatible sites will be greatly expanded to say the least.

Sites in my iMates favorites list:

  1. – Gmail
  2. – Mobile Digg
  3. – Facbook Mobile
  4. – Twitter Mobile
  5. – CNN

External Laptop Graphics Card

May 11, 2007

I bought a Dell laptop for work about 18 months ago. Its a pretty awesome machine that has served me well. I recently installed Vista on it and its still smiling. The only thing it currently cant do is run Aero and play any graphic intensive games. I opted for the default graphics card, it was after all a work machine.

SlashGear has today posted an article on a new product that will solve my problems.

The ExpressBox allows you to hook up a PCI-E video card via your ExpressCard slot to greatly improve your system’s graphics. Bear in mind that you can only currently use single-width cards that use less than 55 watts of power. But still, there are plenty of cards out there that meet that criteria and will significantly boost your performance.

Costing $729 for the device and that’s without a graphics card puts it well out of my price range. Lets hope the price drops before my laptop becomes a true relic.


Product Review: Nike+

May 8, 2007

Whilst at Gateway this weekend, we popped into the Nike shop to have a look at their running apparel. A promotional video caught my eye as I walked in, it was advertising the new Nike+ running accessory for the iPod Nano. To my surprise, I found that is was on sale for R280. My only concern is that I needed a pair of Nike running shoes. The sensor, which measures your speed and distance, is mounted into the sole of the shoe.

nike.jpgAfter a little research online, I found that you could easily mount the sensor on a normal pair of running shoes. My wife did me a favor and picked up the Nike+ yesterday and at 6am this morning, I was getting ready for my first Nike+ run. I simply cut a neat slit in my left shoes tongue and slipped the sensor in. It was held firmly in place by my laces.

The setup is pretty easy with all the config ext being done on the Nano. I selected a 45 minute workout and ran my normal 8km route along the coast here in Umhlanga. Having a friendly woman’s voice let me know how long I’ve been running for every 5 minutes is pretty awesome after you’ve gotten used to it.

After my run, the nano displayed a summary screen detailing my total distance, calories burnt and my total time. These details are then uploaded to the Nike+ website during a normal iPod sync.

The Nike+ website is really cool. Its a full flash site that allows you to view your personal history and personal best times. It also allows you to compare your performances with other runners from across the world. I’m not sure if I’d ever get to the 6500km that the leader has clocked up.

If you already have an iPod Nano and are a keen runner, I’d definitely recommend picking up the Nike+.

Rumor: New iPods to be announced tomorrow?

May 8, 2007

Rumors suggest that Apple will update the iPod. The update will include a touchscreen iPod which will ship around the same time as the iPhone.

The reliability of this rumor can be questioned as thinksecret have gotten it wrong before.

Link to thinksecret post.

iPhone: Great hands on blog post on the New York Times Blog

January 1, 2007

A great post by Davis Pogue from the Macworld expo where he had some hands on time with the newly announced Apple iPhone. There is also a nice video from the expo on the blog.


OH My Word – The new iPhone looks awesome!

January 1, 2007

This is a must purchase!Link to Engadget Live from Macworld

32GB Flash Max Drive

October 1, 2006

Kanguru 32GB Flash Max Drive The Kanguru Flash Max is a high strength, high capacity USB2.0 flash drive that stores up to 32GB! The Kanguru Flash Max sports a rugged aluminum exterior housing that provides durability and ultimately extends the life of the drive. Operates on Windows, Mac and Linux, most without any device drivers.

All this for only $1499.99, thats about R11200.00. A little steap if you ask me.